UW Research Question- How Do Children Learn Math?

Listen to Dr. Stephanie Bugden and Alyssa Wright discuss recent research on the Unversity of Winnipeg's podcast, Research Question in Episode 10: How Do Children Learn Math?

Randy Kobes Undergraduate Symposium- September 20, 2023

Lab Members took part in the Randy Kobes Undergraduate Research Symposium with Alina and Alyssa receiving second and third place in the Social Science category.

Neuroscience Lab at the University of Winnipeg

Nature VS Nurture Podcast: Episode 113: Dr. Stephanie Bugden, Childrens Math Learning & Education

Manitoba Neuroscience Network Conference- June 23, 2023

Research assistants and Dr.  Stephanie Bugden participated in the 2023 Manitoba Neuroscience Network Conference, hosted at The Leaf in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Graduation- June 9, 2023

Celebrating recent graduates in the Numeracy Development and Learning Lab!

Prairie Undergrad Research Conference- April 28, 2023

Honours thesis students and research assistants presenting their projects at the Undergraduate Conference at the University of Winnipeg.

Austin Wellness Fair- October 12, 2022

In October 2022, the Numeracy Development and Learning Lab travelled to Austin, Manitoba to be apart of the Austin Elementary School Wellness Fair. The Wellness Fair aims to bring resources such as numeracy and literacy screening, physical and occupational therapy, and speech, hearing, and vision specialists to rural Manitoba.

UWSA BBQ, June 30- 2023

Numeracy Development and Learning Lab creating fun number games at the family day BBQ at the UWSA Daycare!